Plant Blindness Exhibition
Visual Identity & Publicity Material


Plant Blindness by Jason Singh is a unique and immersive sound installation which uses naturally occurring ‘biodata’ from plants to create a musical composition.


Jason Singh was invited to create an auditory response to The Camellia House at Wollaton Hall.  Initially drawn to the beautiful architecture and acoustics of the glass house, a short residency enabled Singh to develop his ideas and he became inspired by the conditions in which the Camellia plants are grown.


- Client: Nottingham City Museums
- Material: Poster, Brochures, Banners, Signage & Panels
- Date: 21 September 2019 – Spring 2020
- Location: The Camellia House, Wollaton Hall Natural

100 Years of Council Housing
Book, Guide Booklet & Exhibition

"Council housing: the key to a
more equitable and dynamic society"
Inside Housing, July 2019

This revised book, guide booklet and exhibition shows how the streets of Nottingham provide an excellent example of this council housing story, from slums that originated in the eighteenth century, to the pioneering estates of the 1920s and the Decent Homes Standard of the present era.


Created on the occasion of the centenary of the 1919 Addison Act, a Nottingham City Homes project. Written and designed by Chris Matthews.


  • Client: Nottingham City Homes
  • Second Edition Book, available in print, pdf & ebook
  • Guide Booklet, available in print & pdf

Lace Walk
Guide Booklet & Video

Manufactured lace had a momentous impact on Nottingham: helping to change a turbulent county town into a modern industrialised municipality. In the space of just a few miles, this guided walk will show the sheer scale and speed of this change.


Created on the occasion of Lace Unravelled, a Nottingham City Museums & Galleries project, funded by Arts Council England. Written and designed by Chris Matthews.


Bricks Conservation Report
Publication Design

Relatively strong, yet small and easy to handle, fired clay brick is arguably one of the most versatile and durable of all building materials. This guide explores the wide range of its shapes, sizes, colours, textures and physical properties. If you are referring to this document to assist in the extension of a historic building, or a new development within the historic environment, then the final chapter is the most useful to help you find the right bricks for your project - but the preceding chapters are essential points of reference to help you in this complicated process. The technical aspects of brick repair and refurbishment are not addressed in this guide, and they must be treated as separate conservation practice.
Brick is beautiful.


  • Client: Toby Ebbs & Melton District Council
  • 46pp, A4, Digital
  • Available online

Cities of the North

Book Design & Photography


Cities of the North takes an irreverent and often amusing look at the changing townscape, special character, architecture and planning of the great Northern English cities. Lavishly illustrated, it is a companion to Towns in Britain published by Five Leaves in 2014 and it builds on the popular Jones the Planner blog. It explores the process and politics of development and ‘regeneration’ which is reshaping Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Hull and Newcastle amongst others, always focusing on the intrinsic character of place.


Cities of the North reviews both the successes and lost opportunities of recent years and considers the implications of the emerging Northern Powerhouse plans for the conurbations. The book is inspired by and follows in the footsteps of Ian Nairn who opened so many people’s eyes to an appreciation of cities, their often unexpected delights, qualities, possibilities and potential. Like Nairn, Cities of the North shows a passion and affection for these places and an appreciation of their all too often undervalued qualities.


  • "Their informed and opinionated commentary, gimlet-eyed and witty, is offered without fear or favour ... This is an angry, politically acute account. It is, no doubt about it, a book for the state we are in."
    Gillian Darley, Literary Review, August, 2016
  • Five Leaves Publications
  • Available to buy, £.13.99